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Experienced & Reliable

We are experienced & reliable. The quality & integrity of our services along with our connections will provide you comfort in knowing that not only can we handle the services we offer you effectively & efficiently but we will strive to provide it in a cost efficient manner.

Logistics & Construction

We are about getting your project done at its scheduled time as efficiently as possible. If we can not handle the job in its entirety, we have a network of contractors & providers that we are able to coordinate your project accordingly.

Community Development

We enjoy employing people from within the community & connecting them with leaders, job opportunities, workshops & so forth. It helps assist in facilitating the change from within that many young adults are searching for.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that before we take on any project, we will ensure that there are no hidden fees & that we are transparent in all costs associated with any given project. Our staff puts your needs & desires & comes up with a comprehensive plan to make them come to fruition within all legal parameters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we do a box truck size delivery within 24 hour notice?

We are capable of meeting any type of demand that can fit into a 16 ft to 28 ft box truck within a 24 hour notice in the Bay Area.

Are we insured licensed & bonded?

Yes, we are licensed, bonded & insured in the State of California & locacted in San Francisco California.

Do we provide armored/armed transport services?

Yes, we have a security plan & team to ensure that our clients products meet their destination in the condition they were presented to us.


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